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Hours : Mon-Sat 9:30am-6:30pm
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Windbell Motorcycle works on
all Japanese motorcycles.


Oil and Filter Change

Motul 3000, Motul 5100, Motul 7100,
Motul 300V Fiflo oil filter, K&N filter

Performance Upgrad

Need more power?
Install Exhaust, weight, drive belt
and Oversize piston.

Please ask us more details.

Winter Storage

We keep your motorcycles in good condition. Please ask us more details.

Basic Maintenance

Oil / Filter Change, Gear Oil Change Chain Clean / Adjust / Lubrication Anti-Freeze Inspection Brakes Inspection, Cables Luburication Tires Air Pressure Inspection Battery / Electrical System Analysis Light / Switches Inspection And More...

Carbs Overhaul

Did you Keep your motorcycle in the garage for a long time? Motorcycle does not run. Carb Overhaul Kits are available.

Engine Overhaul

Project bike?

Please ask us more details
before you work on it by yourself.

Brake Caliper Overhaul e

Is your motorcycle brakes working fine?

Brake Caliper Overhaul Kits are available.


If you have any questions,
please call us at 604-990-9876 or
send us an e-mail to

Motorcycle Pick Up

Windbell Motorcycle picks up your motorcycle.

North Vancouver : $50 and up
Vancouver : $60 and up
Burnaby : $70 and up
Richmond : $70 and up
Squamish : $100 and up
Whistler : $120 and up
Other area: Please ask